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A Bit Off; For quitehomoerotic.

The Doctor was bored. Well, not bored. Okay, yes, bored. He'd left Rose and Jack in Kyoto to [hopefully just] sight see, and had decided to do some sightseeing of his own. After all, he'd seen Kyoto. Plenty. And there happened to be a fantastic Festival of the Shrieking Bells on the planet Dewfan that he'd been trying to get to for the past few hundred years.

He had no idea why Jack and Rose wouldn't want to come to the Festival. They'd been excited 'til he mentioned the Shrieking Bell part. Humans. Didn't have a proper appreciation for art.

Besides, they weren't at all what they sounded like they'd be. And, at the moment, they weren't anything at all.

The Doctor had accidentally arrived prior to the opening ceremonies, and was now standing around in a crown of Dewfanian citizens, waiting for things to start. There was no pre-ceremony ceremony, which meant they were all standing around doing nothing. At all.

"Fantastic," he muttered, and the crowd around the Doctor turned to look at him like he'd grown a third head (they had two). "Fantastic," he said again, this time with a big smile, then tapped his watch. "Can't wait. Opening ceremonies. Wouldn't miss it."

The crowd turned back to what they'd been doing before, which was absolutely nothing.

Dewfanians. Didn't have a proper appreciation for small talk.

He was just about to tap his neighbor on the shoulder and comment on the [absolutely boring and pleasant] weather when something wrong passed by. The Doctor's spine went rigid and his eyes started scanning the crowd. In the mix of two-headed Dewfanians and one-headed Gratagians [from the neighboring planet Gratagias] the Doctor saw Jack Harkness. Or Jack Harkness' back, to be specific, since the man was moving very rapidly away from where the Doctor was standing, sticking out like a sore, one-headed thumb amongst the crowd of Dewfanians that had been surrounding him.

The Doctor knew better than to call out. A rapidly retreating Jack Harkness meant only one thing: crossed timelines, which Jack would know to avoid. But there was that wrongness, and after a moment's thought, the Doctor recognized exactly what it was. A scowl spread across his face and his nose wrinkled in distaste.

"Excuse me," he began shoving the crowd around. They were small and pleasant and didn't put up too much of a protest, boring lot that they were. Once he was free he took off after Jack down the less-crowded side street. "Oi! Harkness. Come back here!"
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Drabble Response

[A response to my song drabble request meme thing for ambitious_woman, set in our "One Trip" universe.]

End of the Road

Eventually, he returns her to France.

Everything that begins has to end. Life, time, even their one trip to the stars.

It's a trick that's kept her young and healthy. A trick of science and desire. Eventually time catches up to them. It always does. She starts to cough. His mouth tightens and his eyes go distant, and she knows that look. It's the look he had when they first met. It's the look of a lost man.

She puts her hand over his on the console, and some of the tension fades. He beams at her, but his eyes are still wrong, and she knows it's time to go. She lifts his hand to her lips. "If there is one thing I have learned with you, Doctor, and there are a great many things, it is that there is always just a little more time."

He stares at her for a moment before nodding. She enters coordinates into the TARDIS - how long ago was it that he taught her how to pilot his ship, their home? - and they begin to travel.

One last time.
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Commentary Meme for ambitious_woman

Couples Therapy - 25.2 - How well does your partner fit into your life?

(I can't remember exactly where the idea for this came from. I know I thought about writing for Rose, but couldn't think of a point in canon that would appropriately answer the question. I also don't see Rose as fitting so much as existing as a body unto herself, affecting the Doctor with her gravity. Same for Donna, really, except louder. And the only way to answer for RS!Donna would be "perfectly", and that's not much of a story. But Reinette is perfect for this prompt, because she does just fit in, quietly, like a piece of a the Doctor's puzzle.)

What's Still Unsaid (I always come up with titles either during or at the end of my story. This one came after the last few lines. I actually was inspired by a lyric from the first musical episode of Xena. "What's still unwritten, you can't erase." What's still unsaid can't be taken back, but it also can't hurt you yet.)

She finishes his sentences, which is something he never expected from her. It's nothing against her, really, it's just that none of his companions have ever been like that. (I'm always very very careful to hint that the Doctor has had a whole lot of companions.)Usually they interrupt him, and less usually they let him finish before they speak. But it's rare to find someone whose mind mirrors his own enough that it's like they share one thought.
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A Meme! OOC!

I'm slowly but surely getting the inspiration/voice/whatever back for Nine. Wahoo! So I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon with this meme, and review old things. And stuff.

Request any fic of mine and I will provide you with a commentary/annotations, like a DVD extra.

I think the "fiction" tag should cover most of it, but I didn't tag a lot in the early days of this journal (eep, two years ago!). So if there's something you're looking for that you just can't find, let me know and I'll probably remember it. I'm not a super prolific writer, but I think I've got a decent amount of Nine stories to choose from.

first date

Couples Therapy - 27.3

Are you more comfortable when a relationship you're in progresses quickly or slowly?


"Did I mention it travels in time?"

He's known, of course. For awhile. Since he saw that look in her eye as he held her hand and explained himself. Known that she'd go with him if given the chance. This brilliant little shop girl, wasting away in a life meant for someone ordinary. All she needed was a shove in the right direction.

(The right direction is always the TARDIS. He has yet to invite someone that wasn't worth inviting, and that didn't need to be traveling through time and space with him as much as he needed to travel through time and space with them. Even Romana.)

So he shoves. Gently. And she says no, and clings to her boyfriend, and the Doctor knows she just needs a bit more of a shove, but isn't so sure he's the one to do it. So he goes off for a few days, decides he doesn't like traveling alone anymore, and then goes back to give her just the proper amount of shoving.

"Did I mention it travels in time?"

And that's it, she's in. His companion (assistant), his friend. She smiles at him and it's like the whole Time War melts away for that split second. It's enough, though. The Doctor can live a lifetime in a second. It's all he needs.

She'll be his light and he'll show her the universe.

It seems like a fair bargain, so he takes her to the end of the world. She survives the inevitable disaster he brings in his wake, but he recognizes the look in her eye when all's said and done (it mirrors his), and the darkness scares him.

So he makes her treat him to chips in a crowded pub in the middle of London.

"Where to next?" She asks, and smiles her bright and wide smile at him.

"The past, I think." He shrugs and takes a chip, staring at it thoughtfully. "Somewhere quiet."

She's quiet for a few minutes, eating chips and watching him eat chips. He pretends it doesn't make him uncomfortable, and makes several jokes about the origin of her species and its love of fried foods to ignore the rising feeling of dread in his stomach. She's going to stay in London. She's going to leave him. He was wrong about her.

"I don't think you do quiet," she interrupts, and pokes her tongue between her teeth. "Don't mind, though."

He smiles at her, relieved. "Don't do loud, either. Most of the time." He has memories of explosions stretching back hundreds of years. "Okay, some of the time. But only when absolutely necessary."

She laughs. "You do loud just fine, Doctor. Night I met you you blew up my shop, remember?"

"Only because it was absolutely necessary!"

"'Course it was."

The Doctor rolls his eyes at her and stands, holding out his hand. She takes it, no questions asked. Back to the TARDIS.

No questions asked.



He shakes his head. "Nevermind. C'mon. I've got something fantastic to show you."


Couples Therapy - 25.2 - How well does your partner fit into your life?

What's Still Unsaid

She finishes his sentences, which is something he never expected from her. It's nothing against her, really, it's just that none of his companions have ever been like that. Usually they interrupt him, and less usually they let him finish before they speak. But it's rare to find someone whose mind mirrors his own enough that it's like they share one thought.

At night, while she sleeps, he wonders if it has something to do with the link forged between them when she first saw into his mind in her past and his future. Or maybe, he thinks, it's the time they've spent together, rubbing off on her in a way it has on so few others. Maybe it's the long conversations they often have, stretching so long that they're only broken when she finally needs rest.

Or maybe it's just her. Maybe she's just special.

His special little queen.

Whatever it is, he finds himself continually amused and impressed by how quickly she learns. So far, she's had the last word in conversations with philosophers, poets, and... physicists. The look on Marie Curie's face had been priceless but, unlike the Doctor, Reinette had known enough to soften the blow by thanking her for her contribution to France's legacy in the world.

The look on the Doctor's face had been as priceless as the one on Madame Curie's. Later that night they talk of feminism, science, and death. "I wish I could have told her that inside her pocket was the cause of her death," she said. She looked at him as though he understood, because of course he did. "But she still has much to do, does she not?"

"She likes the colors it gives off in the dark," was all he said at first. They were speaking of Madame Curie, but he was thinking of Madame de Pompadour. By now she had learned of her own death, the natural consequence of a library full of books on the history of Earth, but they had never spoken of it. He took her hand in his, and she offered him a warm smile. "She'll always have work to do, and she'll always have done it. Every death of every person we meet can be prevented, but that doesn't mean it should be."

His special little queen.

At night, while she sleeps, he thinks of the day he'll have to say goodbye to her. He knows that a time will come soon, by his counting at least, when her health will begin to falter and she'll whither before him. He can extend her life, keep her healthy until he returns her to France in time to fade away and die. But should he?

"No," she whispers from behind him, arms sliding around his waist. She presses her face to his back and finishes his thought for him, even if it's in a way he could never finish himself. "You should not."

"You're always finishing my sentences, you know." His chest feels tight. This time, for the first time, he wishes she hadn't.

"Am I?"

He stares into the monitor on the console and says nothing.

[ ambitious_woman appears with permission of her writer. ]
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Love Notes and a Love Deed

It was requested, after my last entry, by someone who shall remain nameless that, I write ten love notes from Nine to Reinette. Since they're currently not together in any RP 'verse that I'm active in, this is a bit of an AU piece. But both I, and my friend who shall remain nameless, have written some Nine/Reinette fic that you can consider precursors if you'd like.

This morphed into 5 notes and 5 sentences. So.

Please pardon any bad French. It's been a long time since I took a French class.]

1. You looked beautiful last night.
2. Tomorrow? We could go dancing.
3. J'espère que l'aventure ne finit jamais. Je sais. Aucun jamais. Mais...
4. Did you mean what you said? I did. Every minute of every day.
5. Thank you for letting me take you to the stars.

They hadn't been together very long. Long enough so he ought not to be nervous, but short enough so that he was. He put the book down on the console. A first edition collection of Plato, signed by the author... and by the Doctor.

"All my love."