March 3rd, 2010

wtf are you doing here?

A Bit Off; For quitehomoerotic.

The Doctor was bored. Well, not bored. Okay, yes, bored. He'd left Rose and Jack in Kyoto to [hopefully just] sight see, and had decided to do some sightseeing of his own. After all, he'd seen Kyoto. Plenty. And there happened to be a fantastic Festival of the Shrieking Bells on the planet Dewfan that he'd been trying to get to for the past few hundred years.

He had no idea why Jack and Rose wouldn't want to come to the Festival. They'd been excited 'til he mentioned the Shrieking Bell part. Humans. Didn't have a proper appreciation for art.

Besides, they weren't at all what they sounded like they'd be. And, at the moment, they weren't anything at all.

The Doctor had accidentally arrived prior to the opening ceremonies, and was now standing around in a crown of Dewfanian citizens, waiting for things to start. There was no pre-ceremony ceremony, which meant they were all standing around doing nothing. At all.

"Fantastic," he muttered, and the crowd around the Doctor turned to look at him like he'd grown a third head (they had two). "Fantastic," he said again, this time with a big smile, then tapped his watch. "Can't wait. Opening ceremonies. Wouldn't miss it."

The crowd turned back to what they'd been doing before, which was absolutely nothing.

Dewfanians. Didn't have a proper appreciation for small talk.

He was just about to tap his neighbor on the shoulder and comment on the [absolutely boring and pleasant] weather when something wrong passed by. The Doctor's spine went rigid and his eyes started scanning the crowd. In the mix of two-headed Dewfanians and one-headed Gratagians [from the neighboring planet Gratagias] the Doctor saw Jack Harkness. Or Jack Harkness' back, to be specific, since the man was moving very rapidly away from where the Doctor was standing, sticking out like a sore, one-headed thumb amongst the crowd of Dewfanians that had been surrounding him.

The Doctor knew better than to call out. A rapidly retreating Jack Harkness meant only one thing: crossed timelines, which Jack would know to avoid. But there was that wrongness, and after a moment's thought, the Doctor recognized exactly what it was. A scowl spread across his face and his nose wrinkled in distaste.

"Excuse me," he began shoving the crowd around. They were small and pleasant and didn't put up too much of a protest, boring lot that they were. Once he was free he took off after Jack down the less-crowded side street. "Oi! Harkness. Come back here!"