The Doctor (ninewho) wrote,
The Doctor

Love Notes and a Love Deed

It was requested, after my last entry, by someone who shall remain nameless that, I write ten love notes from Nine to Reinette. Since they're currently not together in any RP 'verse that I'm active in, this is a bit of an AU piece. But both I, and my friend who shall remain nameless, have written some Nine/Reinette fic that you can consider precursors if you'd like.

This morphed into 5 notes and 5 sentences. So.

Please pardon any bad French. It's been a long time since I took a French class.]

1. You looked beautiful last night.
2. Tomorrow? We could go dancing.
3. J'espère que l'aventure ne finit jamais. Je sais. Aucun jamais. Mais...
4. Did you mean what you said? I did. Every minute of every day.
5. Thank you for letting me take you to the stars.

They hadn't been together very long. Long enough so he ought not to be nervous, but short enough so that he was. He put the book down on the console. A first edition collection of Plato, signed by the author... and by the Doctor.

"All my love."
Tags: [format] fiction, nine/reinette
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