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Couples Therapy - 27.3

Are you more comfortable when a relationship you're in progresses quickly or slowly?


"Did I mention it travels in time?"

He's known, of course. For awhile. Since he saw that look in her eye as he held her hand and explained himself. Known that she'd go with him if given the chance. This brilliant little shop girl, wasting away in a life meant for someone ordinary. All she needed was a shove in the right direction.

(The right direction is always the TARDIS. He has yet to invite someone that wasn't worth inviting, and that didn't need to be traveling through time and space with him as much as he needed to travel through time and space with them. Even Romana.)

So he shoves. Gently. And she says no, and clings to her boyfriend, and the Doctor knows she just needs a bit more of a shove, but isn't so sure he's the one to do it. So he goes off for a few days, decides he doesn't like traveling alone anymore, and then goes back to give her just the proper amount of shoving.

"Did I mention it travels in time?"

And that's it, she's in. His companion (assistant), his friend. She smiles at him and it's like the whole Time War melts away for that split second. It's enough, though. The Doctor can live a lifetime in a second. It's all he needs.

She'll be his light and he'll show her the universe.

It seems like a fair bargain, so he takes her to the end of the world. She survives the inevitable disaster he brings in his wake, but he recognizes the look in her eye when all's said and done (it mirrors his), and the darkness scares him.

So he makes her treat him to chips in a crowded pub in the middle of London.

"Where to next?" She asks, and smiles her bright and wide smile at him.

"The past, I think." He shrugs and takes a chip, staring at it thoughtfully. "Somewhere quiet."

She's quiet for a few minutes, eating chips and watching him eat chips. He pretends it doesn't make him uncomfortable, and makes several jokes about the origin of her species and its love of fried foods to ignore the rising feeling of dread in his stomach. She's going to stay in London. She's going to leave him. He was wrong about her.

"I don't think you do quiet," she interrupts, and pokes her tongue between her teeth. "Don't mind, though."

He smiles at her, relieved. "Don't do loud, either. Most of the time." He has memories of explosions stretching back hundreds of years. "Okay, some of the time. But only when absolutely necessary."

She laughs. "You do loud just fine, Doctor. Night I met you you blew up my shop, remember?"

"Only because it was absolutely necessary!"

"'Course it was."

The Doctor rolls his eyes at her and stands, holding out his hand. She takes it, no questions asked. Back to the TARDIS.

No questions asked.



He shakes his head. "Nevermind. C'mon. I've got something fantastic to show you."

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