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The Doctor

Version 9.1

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Biography under construction. In the meantime: he's got an entry on Wikipedia all to himself.

The Doctor's Universes
Note: all roleplaying universes take place just before the episode "Bad Wolf", so that I don't have to bind any Roses or Jacks into my play. With the exception of the relativespace universe, Jack and Rose are in Kyoto, and the Doctor is spending some time on his own before he picks them up again, and before they're taken to Satellite Five.

There is a universe where the decision of one man, one Time Lord, destroyed the fabric of space and time itself. Those left to mend the damage congregate on Mars and try to put right what was made wrong. Tag: [fractured time]

There is the universe where an error in navigation found the Doctor in eighteenth century France, both before and after he was meant to arrive, just in time to save the life of Madame de Pompadour. The Doctor couldn't deny the instant connection that he felt with the courtesan. In part, he knew, because of the role he would one day play in her life. Ignoring the consequences, the Doctor took her on one trip around the universe. Tag: [one trip]

There is a universe where the Doctor and his former school mate, the Rani, re-united and reconnected. They put aside their past contempt, and bonded as the last two of their species. They began an affair spanning, as only the Time Lords can, two lifetimes and two very different Doctors. [Inactive. Linked for archiving purposes.] Tag: [not the end]

There is a universe that is ending. There, time and space are threatened and the High Council of Gallifrey has called together the best minds in the universe to thwart the destruction. The impending doom of the universe allowed the Doctor to finally open up and express his emotions, and he began an affair with Rose Tyler. But it was a Rose from another universe that truly unlocked his heart. After she left, the Doctor was lost. It took a fiery ginger woman with a voice that could topple buildings to bring him back from the edge of despair again: Donna Noble. [Inactive. Linked for archiving purposes.] Tag: [relative space]

And then there is the multi-verse, where the Doctor travels across time and space with those friends he finds, meeting new people, saving new planets, and having a new adventure as often as possible. [This universe will mostly be played in sixwordstories and through various threads and stories in this journal.] Tag: [multiverse]

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